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BlackSexMatch.com Review: Top-Rated Platforms for Safe Flings and NSA Meetups

BlackSexMatch.com Review: Top-Rated Platforms for Safe Flings and NSA Meetups
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 1 350 000
Reply Rate 81%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • BlackSexMatch.com is an outstanding hookup website.
  • There are many features you can use.
  • There is a high probability of getting a perfect match.
  • The customer service is great.
  • The mature online service provides its users with private video chat rooms, thanks to which people can exchange more intimate things.
  • Premium members have the get laid guarantee.
  • The BlackSexMatch.com dating website offers live chat.
  • Standard members cannot access all the available features until they get a BlackSexMatch.com premium plan.
  • The online service does not offer a mobile application.

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BlackSexMatch.com happens to be another online dating service for people who are willing to find a potential partner online. These days there is a wide range of online services that cater to different kinds of audiences. Some of them aim to help people find a religious life partner, while others are dating sites. Some of them are suitable for a specific type of individual, and other dating platforms are good for everyone. Consequently, it is important to find out as much information as you can before you get registered. In this case, you are going to avoid possible misunderstanding or confusion.

BlackSexMatch.com website is great for people who are willing to meet African American singles. This online dating service provides its members with the best meeting ground for individuals looking for discreet sexual encounters. It means you can just get signed up to meet with sexy females or get the contacts before you go to an exciting no-strings-attached dating.

Meanwhile, there are people of different races here, even though blacks are the bigger part of the audience. The BlackSexMatch.com online service has more than 40 million users around the world, which is an impressive number. All of them, both males and females, are looking for hookups and sex dating experience. Thanks to the dating platform, you can connect with those singles within your area and have a passionate moment.

Keep on reading this full BlackSexMatch.com review if you want to learn more about this online dating service.

A Few Words About the Website`s Design

A Few Words About the Website`s Design

The BlackSexMatch.com website has a rather straightforward and clean design. As you open the main page, you can see the red “Join Now” button, and you can click on it to get registered. All the features are well-organized, you do not need to spend lots of time figuring things out. The main color of the dating platform is black, while the fonts are yellow and white. Overall, it is user-friendly and stylish.

If you are willing to communicate with other mature black and sexy females or swinger groups, you choose the following options:

  • Emails;
  • Instant messaging;
  • Chat rooms and private video chats;
  • Icebreaking messages. They can help to break the awkward silence.

The standard members of the BlackSexMatch.com community can chat on IM and chatroom, which is not typical for the bigger part of platforms, including dating sites. Another great part is that there are blogs and groups where people can share their opinion and experience on different topics. Furthermore, free members of the community can join them as well, and it is good news because many dating platforms do not allow that.

The users of the BlackSexMatch.com dating website can filter the search results as well. If you are a free member, you can access the basic search only. It means that you can use the standard form or search by username, while the premium users can access advanced search. In this case, you can view those profiles with photos, or those that have recently been active. It is also possible to filter the BlackSexMatch.com searches on the basis of:

  • Distance;
  • Education;
  • Particular habits;
  • Physical characteristics;
  • Race.

If you are willing to get more specific results, you can choose the personalized matches according to your laid preferences.

Another good news is that BlackSexMatch.com users can save their searches to find others faster and easier. All they need to do is to save their search settings by clicking on the “Save” button.

Who You Can Meet on This Online Service

Who You Can Meet on This Online Service

The BlackSexMatch.com online service has an extensive user database because there are more than 40 million members around the world. The audience is extremely active because there are approximately 20 thousand visits every month. This vast number of registered users can be explained by the fact that it has beautiful features that other similar services lack. Thanks to this, every BlackSexMatch.com member can be sure that he or she has high chances of finding a perfect match.

In addition to that, the number of models you can view on the online service is the best you can ever find. All of them know what to do to satisfy viewers and keep them entertained. When it comes to the gender proportion on the BlackSexMatch.com website, females outnumber males. Hence, women make up 62 percent of the audience, and it is a typical thing for this kind of platform.

According to the BlackSexMatch.com reviews, the online service caters to any race and ethnicity, although the majority are African American singles. Hence, there is a wide range of users from white males to black females and interracial couple.

One more great thing is that the BlackSexMatch.com online service welcomes all sexual preferences, which implies that anyone can join the community. Overall, the platform caters to people who are looking for hookups and casual dating; consequently, it is not suitable for individuals who are looking for long-term relationships.

Are There Any Special Features on the Website?

In addition to the basic features, the BlackSexMatch.com online service offers some special features that can significantly improve members` online dating experience.

One of the most important things is that the naughty dating platform offers users a get laid guarantee within three months. It means that if you fail to meet someone within three months, you will receive another three-month premium subscription free of charge. This guarantee proves that the BlackSexMatch.com online service is sure that every user will find a perfect match.

One more outstanding feature is that there is a magazine, which includes photos and articles. This magazine comes with advice related to hookups and sex. You can also find quintessential information and sexy stories there. If you happen to be a user who is interested in writing, you are allowed to add an article to the BlackSexMatch.com online magazine. Moreover, you are free to ask questions on specific concepts that you are ignorant about. It is also possible for you to share some videos of yours.

The members of the community can also post personal advertisements free of charge. The BlackSexMatch.com website also allows its customers to operate personal blogs, or they can join groups to share on different topics, such as top dating stories and dating advice.

One more thing that makes the online service stand out is that it is available in several languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, and German. It means that if you speak any of the mentioned languages, you can use the dating platform in any of them. In addition to that, you can check out members in those countries. This BlackSexMatch.com feature is unique because most websites are available in one language only.

Is a Mobile Application Available?

Is a Mobile Application Available?

Unfortunately, the BlackSexMatch.com online service does not offer a mobile application. This fact is not surprising because the website has a lot of explicit and sexual photos and videos, and well-known app stores do not welcome applications with such content. At the same time, there is a mobile-optimized version of the dating website. It has all the same features available on the website and the same design. Thanks to the mobile version, people can interact with others on the go.

How to Sign Up

According to the BlackSexMatch.com reviews, there is no need to pay anything to get registered. The signup process is extremely simple and fast. It means that new members do not need to spend a lot of time before they can access the platform, and the online service does not require too many personal details. New users need to provide a valid email address, a password, and a username to join the community.

When creating a profile on the BlackSexMatch.com website, they also need to specify their gender and age. It is also necessary to provide information on the location and sexual preference. In addition to that, customers can add an introductory video to their profiles. When the mentioned details are provided, new users can start searching for potential partners and interact with them.

How Much Does the Online Service Cost?

Most online dating services, including transsexual dating sites, do not allow their standard users to access almost all features. It means that free users can literally do nothing except for getting registered and creating an account. If they want to access all the available features, people have to pay for a premium membership.

When it comes to the BlackSexMatch.com dating platform, it allows its standard members to access all the basic features. It means that they do not need to pay for a premium subscription to successfully interact with others, and they can even send messages to users. At the same time, paid membership packages provide customers with unlimited access, so they can have an unforgettable dating experience due to numerous fun things.

It is possible to get a BlackSexMatch.com premium plan for one month, and it will cost you 26.99 dollars. You can also opt for a three-month premium subscription, and you can get it for 13.99 dollars.

You should also consider that all premium plans on the online dating service renew automatically, so the amount will be taken from your credit card as soon as the period ends. Meanwhile, you can unsubscribe at any time you like. You can easily cancel your autorenewal by clicking on the “My Account” link you can see in the top menu. After that, you need to find the “Billing History and Credit Card Info” and turn off the auto-renew function.

Free Features You Can Access

Free Features You Can Access

As the BlackSexMatch.com review has shown, standard members of the community can do the following:

  • They can get registered;
  • They can create a profile;
  • They can watch live member webcams (one at a time);
  • They can add others to Hotlist (200);
  • They can receive the BlackSexMatch.com technical support by email (within two days);
  • They can like photos and videos added by others;
  • They can use basic search using the standard form of by username;
  • They can view like, and leave comments on contest pictures;
  • They can chat on IM and chatroom;
  • They can join groups and blogs.

If you purchase a premium subscription on the BlackSexMatch.com dating website, you can do the following things:

  • You can access advanced search to narrow down potential partners;
  • You can view complete profiles of other users;
  • You can send, read, and respond to the received messages;
  • You can view full-size pictures;
  • You can access full-length videos;
  • You can leave comments on videos and photos;
  • You can watch live member webcams without any limits;
  • You can view favorite videos and photos;
  • You can send friend requests to other BalckSexMatch.com users;
  • You can send flirts;
  • You can add up to 1000 users to your Hotlist;
  • You can get priority customer services via mobile phone;
  • You can receive technical support within 12 hours.

Is the Online Service Safe to Use?

Is the Online Service Safe to Use?

Safety and security are extremely important when it comes to dating online, especially when the dating website is about sex and hookups. The thing is that such online services tend to contain their users` sensitive data. Hence, safety is something you must be sure about before you start using a website.

When you visit the main page of the BlackSexMatch.com website, you can see the “Secure Site” words right below the “Join Now” button. It is also claimed that the online service is certified by VeriSign, and you can see it on the home page as well. It means that all members` personal and financial information is safe and secure.

According to the BlackSexMatch.com review, it is crucial to look through the terms and conditions of the online service as well as get acquainted with privacy policy while signing up. In addition to that, users receive updates from the dating platform from time to time, and they contain different information. It can range from an upgrade to a security threat or a bonus offer.

Moreover, all the BlackSexMatch.com members are recommended to disclose only those details they are comfortable showing. At the same time, users should never share their personal information with people until they do something so that it is possible to trust them. Furthermore, all customers can block and report others in case of suspicious or abusive behavior.

Another important fact is that the dating website is operated by Various Inc, which is a company that has launched several online services and has been in the industry for 24 years so far. It means that the BlackSexMatch.com website is legitimate and not a scam. If you are willing to learn more, you can see the “terms of use” and “security policy” sections of the platform or contact customer support.

Does the BlackSexMatch.com Website Verify Its Members?

When getting registered, new members do not need to go through the verification process. It means that the online service does not check whether the provided information is genuine. It may seem that the BlackSexMatch.com dating platform is full of scammers due to this fact, but the number of fake profiles is not that high.

How Is It Possible to Contact the BlackSexMatch.com Customer Support?

The availability of customer support is also important because you may face problems you cannot solve yourself. Although a dating platform can have a FAQ page, you might not find a good answer to your question. Hence, it can be hard for you to find online services or dating sites, which would be quick to answer all your inquiries and complaints. Customer service is usually the feature that attracts users to websites, and it must be available day and night as well. The thing is that if this is not happening, people may be forced to leave such a dating website.

The case is completely different when it comes to the BlackSexMatch.com dating website. The reason is customer support happens to be very proficient. The team responds to all questions and complaints quickly, and they are ready to solve any issue in a short period. Moreover, the online service`s customer service operates round the clock. It means that the team is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can reach customer service via email, or you can call the team.



The BlackSexMatch.com online service happens to be a great website you can use to meet African American singles who are looking for a hookup and casual dating. The dating platform has millions of members around the world, which means that everyone has high chances of finding a perfect partner. In addition to that, there is a three-month guarantee due to which every member can get an additional three-month subscription if they do not find a sex partner within the mentioned period. Hence, BlackSexMatch.com users can make instant connections with local girls, guys, and couples for flings, sex, and swinging.

Even though the online service is mostly created for black people, you can join the community if you are interested in interacting with African American individuals. Meanwhile, the bigger part of the audience is black members.

According to the BlackSexMatch.com reviews, the website has a straightforward and attractive design. It means that people do not usually face any difficulties when navigating it. Hence, they easily find all the necessary features, so the online service is suitable for not so tech-savvy users as well.

Although the BlackSexMatch.com platform is not available in a mobile application, there is a mobile version of the website. Thus, it is still possible to access the online service via mobile devices. The only reason for the unavailability of a mobile application is that the dating website has a lot of explicit photos and videos, and app stores do not permit such apps.

One more important fact is that it is possible to use the online service even if you are a standard member. It makes the BlackSexMatch.com website outstanding because most platforms, including dating sites, do not allow their free users access features. At the same time, if you pay for a premium plan, your online service will be more entertaining. The thing is that you will get access to all the great features provided by the dating site. Furthermore, the prices are reasonable. You will also be happy to know that the customer support is available day and night, which means that the team will always help you out. To sum it up, the BlackSexMatch.com dating platform is worthy, and you can use it to have fun with others.

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