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Chat Avenue Review: Top-Rated Platforms for Safe Flings and NSA Meetups

Chat Avenue Review: Top-Rated Platforms for Safe Flings and NSA Meetups
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Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 816 000
Reply Rate 62%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Availability of an active community;
  • Common chat and private messaging features are accessible for both free and paid members;
  • Availability of mobile applications for Android devices;
  • Registered accounts should undergo an email verification procedure.
  • No Chat Avenue mobile application for iOS devices;
  • A high percentage of bots, spammers, and fake accounts;
  • No identity verification procedure;
  • Even kids and teenagers are allowed to join.

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Chat Avenue is perhaps the oldest and most popular chat platform. It was launched in 1999 by ChatAveCom Inc. During its 21 years of operation, the developers have constantly been adding new chat rooms and improving the quality of service. Currently, the Chat Avenue website has eighteen chat rooms such as Colleague Chat, Dating Chat, Gay Chat, Sports Chat, Lesbian Chat, etc. It perfectly explains why the platform is a leader among adult, gay, lesbian, straight, and transsexual dating sites and chat platforms.

Colorful Design, Pleasant Interface, And Simple Navigation

Colorful Design, Pleasant Interface, And Simple Navigation

Though the Chat Avenue website was founded in 1999, the developers have always been working on the site quality by improving its functionality and design. Almost all chat rooms have practically the same layout but different design solutions. Each of them has a thematic color, avatar, icon, and emojis. What unites the designs of all chat rooms is their colorfulness. Teen Chat is blue; Girls Chat is pink, Lesbian Chat is purple, General Chat is yellow, etc. Users mention in their Chat Avenue review that they love the bright, happy, and modern designs of chat rooms.

As for the organization of features, the main menu is located on the left-hand side of the screen. It includes several sections like “Online,” “News,” “Live Cams!”, “Staff Team,” etc. Several tabs like “Messages,” “My Profile,” and “Notification” are located on the upper right-hand side of the screen. In the right sidebar, the system shows profiles of online members. All the space between the menu and the right-hand sidebar belongs to the chat.

Audience Structure: Total Number, Geography, and Age Distribution of Members

Audience Structure: Total Number, Geography, and Age Distribution of Members

Being one of the oldest kids, adult, gay, lesbian, and transsexual dating sites and char platforms, Chat Avenue has received millions of visits. However, it’s difficult to tell the exact number of users since the site has a large number of anonymous guests as well. The rough statistics show that the platform has over 5 thousand new visitors per month. They come from different countries of the world, but the majority of them are from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Chat Avenue users are quite active – over 40 thousand visits per week. As for gender proportion, the statistics are also rough. According to it, 30% of users are women, and 70% are men.

Chat Avenue also has chat rooms for kids, boys, girls, and teenagers. Hence, the minimum age of registering and using the Chat Avenue services is thirteen. The percentage of teenage users is relatively low. The majority of users – 25% are men and women aged between 25 and 34 years old. Second place by popularity belongs to the 18-24 age range. The percentage of people belonging to other age groups is relatively low – 15-7%.

Key Features Underlining Uniqueness of the Platform

Key Features Underlining Uniqueness of the Platform

The Chat Avenue website has all the features typical to online chatting and dating platforms. But the availability of separate chat rooms for different target audiences of one of the most outstanding. Overall, Chat Avenue has eighteen chat rooms – Colleague Chat, Adult Chat, General Chat, Teen Chat, Girls Chat, Live Chat, Music Chat, Lesbian Chat, etc. Almost all of them have the same features and requirements. For example, users should be at least thirteen years old. You are welcome to talk about any topic on your mind unless it’s vulgar or offensive. The platform doesn’t impose restrictions on users’ sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or religion. Besides exchanging text messages, users can also make video calls and talk face to face.

Besides participating in the common chat, Chat Avenue users can also send private messages. For doing it, you should click the avatar of the user and choose the private message option. Fortunately, personal communication is available for both free and VIP members.

If you have been talking with someone in the common chat and would like to contact them later as well, add them as friends. Why should you do so? Because users are very active in the chat room and after you won’t be able to find the user you’re interested in.

Availability of Mobile Apps and Access from Mobile Devices

Availability of Mobile Apps and Access from Mobile Devices

ChatAveCom has developed several mobile applications – Free Chat, Free Kinds Chat Room, and Teen Chat Rooms. Unfortunately, all these apps are compatible with only Android devices. They can be downloaded from the Google Play Market free of charge. The applications were launched recently in March and July, 2020. In such a short time, they have been downloaded more than 5 thousand times each.

As for other chat rooms, all of them are optimized for mobile devices. So, regardless of the model of your phone, you can quickly join any chat room. Besides, Chat Avenue has an exceptional platform for mobile devices called Mobile Chat Room. It works perfectly on both Android and iOS devices. The cat room was launched in 2005 when the usage of mobile devices among users reached its peak. This room is small in comparison with the size of others: it accommodates from 10 to 100 users only. There is no need to download anything additional for accessing the chat room on mobile devices. However, it’s recommended to use Google Chrome.

Detailed Instructions of Registration

Detailed Instructions of Registration

Among gay, lesbian, adult, teen, kids, and transsexual dating sites and chat rooms, the Chat Avenue website is perhaps the most popular one among users. One of the key reasons for its popularity is the opportunity of being anonymous. After opening the Chat Avenue website, choose the chat room you want to join. Here instead of clicking the “Login” button, which requests to type your email address and password for signing in, click “Guest Login.” Enter your username in the pop-up window, check the box below to confirm that you aren’t a robot, and then click “Login.” You’ll immediately appear in the chat room.

It’s also essential to notice that not all Chat Avenue chat rooms have the option of signing in anonymously. For example, the “Guest Login” button is disabled for Colleague Chat and Girls Chat. For joining these platforms, users have to create accounts.

Many users express their satisfaction in Chat Avenue reviews about how fast and straightforward the registration is. Generally, the platform offers three options of signing up – with an email address, with Facebook or Google Account. However, it’s worth mentioning that not all chat rooms include the latter two options. For example, registration on the Teen Chat, Lesbian Chat, Boys Chat, and some other platforms is possible with an email address only. But you can create an account on Girls Chat, Live Chat, General Chat, and other platforms with Facebook and Google Account as well.

For signing up with an email address, visit the Chat Avenue website and click on the chat room that you want to join. Here you’ll see the buttons for logging in as a member and guest. For registering, click the “Not a member? Click here to register” link, and the registration form will pop up. First of all, choose a user name. For security purposes, it’s recommended not to use your real name. Please write a creative nickname. Next, type your password and email address. For filling out your gender, open the dropdown and specify your sex – male, female, other. The “Age” field also includes a dropdown where you should choose your age. Moving ahead, confirm that you aren’t a robot and click the “Register” button. But before you do it, there is a link right below it, which will lead you to the “Terms of Use” page.

For completing your registration, go to your mailbox and open the email sent by Chat Avenue. It includes a verification code, which you should insert in the corresponding. By clicking the “Verify Email” button, you’ll confirm the validity of your email.

As mentioned previously in this Chat Avenue review, some chat rooms also offer registration with Facebook and Google Account. All you have to do is granting permission to the Chat Avenue website to receive your personal information such as your name, email address, age, and gender from your existing Facebook and Google accounts. In that case, you won’t have to go through all the trouble of typing the required information manually since the system will fill in the fields automatically and create an account within seconds.

Membership Types. Prices of VIP Membership

Membership Types. Prices of VIP Membership

The majority of adult, gay, lesbian, and transsexual dating sites and chat rooms offer both free and paid services. Usually, free features are the basic ones that allow new users to explore the platform and understand whether they want to be a full member or no. After upgrading standard accounts, users receive access to absolutely all functions of the website.

Chat Avenue as well works with this model. The majority of the features are free of charge. But the platform also has a VIP membership, which unlocks several exclusive features unavailable for standard members.

Free Features Available for Standard Accounts

The majority of users are happy to express their satisfaction with the functionality of the site in their Chat Avenue reviews. The reason lies in the fact that the platform offers almost all crucial features free of charge. Here are some of them:

  • Creating an account in any of Chat Avenue chat rooms is free of charge.
  • Besides registering, all people can also use the Chat Avenue services anonymously as a guest. It’s entirely free.
  • Everyone is allowed to join the common chat and communicate with other members.
  • Both standard and VIP members can upload profile pictures.
  • Free users can add other people as friends.
  • Besides participating in the common chat, standard users can also initiate private communications.
  • Liking other members’ profiles is included in the package of free functions.

As it was said in this Chat Avenue review, the most crucial features are available for all users. However, the platform also gives an opportunity of acquiring additional functions. Here they are:

  • VIP members can upload photos to the chat.
  • The VIP membership allows changing the username if you are tired of yours or want to have a more creative one.
  • Paid members can create and manage their rooms.
  • As a premium member, you can view your chat history.
  • If you want to have a gradient color username, you can have it by upgrading your account to VIP.
  • As a paid member, you can also write your message in different colors.
  • As a Chat Avenue VIP member, you’ll appear at the top of the user list with a diamond icon indicating your status.
  • Using an animated image for a profile cover is another advanced feature.
  • The VIP membership allows disabling the in-chat text advertisements.
  • You can also record voice memos and share them with other users.

For having access to all these above-mentioned features, you should upgrade your membership. After creating your account in any of the chat rooms on the Chat Avenue website, log in to your account. The menu is located on the left-hand side of the screen. When you click the VIP tab, a small window will pop up. It describes all the premium features that the VIP package unlocks. For viewing Chat Avenue subscription plans and prices, click the “View plans” button at the bottom.

  • The one-month VIP subscription costs 5USD.
  • For using the exclusive features for three months, users have to pay only 10USD.
  • By paying only 15USD, you’ll acquire a one-year VIP membership.
  • The lifetime subscription costs only 20USD.

After selecting the subscription plan you want to purchase, click the “Pay with Card” button. Then, enter your email address, card number, and other required information in the corresponding fields of the pop-up and click “Pay.” Besides purchasing for yourself, you can also buy a VIP plan and donate it to your friend. For doing it, you should click the “Donate VIP to a friend” button, copy and paste his/her exact username, and pay for the purchase. Your friend’s premium account will be activated within a few hours.

Security Measure and Procedure of Ensuring Privacy

Security Measure and Procedure of Ensuring Privacy

If you read Chat Avenue reviews of people who have used or are using the platform, you’ll notice that all of them express their cancers about the security system of the website. Those worrying about the safety of their personal information can read the Privacy Policy of the platform, where it is explained clearly what information the dating platform collects and how it can be used.

The number of bots, spammers, and fake accounts is high on the platform, but Chat Avenue takes several measures to eliminate them. For example, all members should verify their email addresses. It means that no one can create an account with an invalid or random address.

Taking account of the high percentage of fake accounts, the Chat Avenue website doesn’t request much personal information and doesn’t conduct data check-up. Besides the data that you fill out in your profile, Chat Avenue also collects information about your IP address, Internet service provider, language preferences, URLs of referring pages, etc. Usually, this information is kept secret and cannot be accessed by the Chat Avenue staff. However, it can be revealed in two cases:

  • If an attorney or a government agency makes an official request to Chat Avenue to disclose your personal information since there is a pending legal action against you, and it’s directly connected to your Chat Avenue account.
  • If an attorney officially requests your personal information since you are involved in legal action as a potential party.

Besides these two cases, your data submitted to the Chat Avenue website is not shared, sold, or rented to any third party. However, the platform cannot be responsible for the data disclosed because of users’ carelessness. That’s why the platform advises to never share your personal information such as email address, phone number, home address, etc., with anyone neither in common nor private chat. If you notice a fake account, you can report it immediately, and the Chat Avenue team will take action to ban the account permanently and protect other users.

As for the technical point of view, The Chat Avenue website is regularly scanned for viruses, malware, and vulnerabilities. The information submitted during the registration is stored and kept safely. Only a limited number of people have access to users’ personal information. It is reliably encrypted by SSL technology.

Does Chat Avenue Conduct Profile Verification and Criminal Background Check?

Does Chat Avenue Conduct Profile Verification and Criminal Background Check?

As previously mentioned in this Chat Avenue review, people can access chat rooms either anonymously or as a member. It’s clear that in the case of joining in the incognito mode, it’s impossible to verify the profile or conduct background checks since users provide no personal information.

In case of signing up as a full member, the verification of the email address is mandatory. Once you click the “Register” button, the Chat Avenue system sends an email to you. You should open it, find the verification code, and type it in the corresponding field for confirmation. Your account will be ready once you finalize this procedure.

The Chat Avenue website doesn’t conduct a check of users’ criminal background. It’s even impossible to do since users may not provide any accurate data like age and gender, except for the email address. That’s why it’s strongly recommended to be careful and never give any personal information to another person. You will never know whether the person you’re talking with has the purest intentions of human communication or dangerous intentions.

How Can Members Contact the Customer Support of Chat Avenue?

If you face some problems on the Chat Avenue chat rooms, the very first question that comes to your mind is contacting the customer support team. But before doing it, it’s recommended to check the Chat Help page. It contains 21 most frequently asked questions and their answers. Each answer is a step-by-step explanation of how to reach the desired result like delete the account, change password, turn off the sound, etc. The instructions are usually accompanied by screenshots to visualize better the steps that need taking.

If the “Chat Help” page doesn’t contain the answer to your question, go to the “Contact Us” page for contacting the Chat Avenue team directly. For general inquiries, send a direct email to the administrator at admin@chat-avenue.com. If your account has been temporarily banned, don’t hurry up to write the Chat Avenue administrator. Usually, bans are lifted within several hours, or one day at maximum. Wait to make sure that your account doesn’t “get free” automatically and only then write the administrator.

If you want to make suggestions and comments, go to the “Feedback” page and fill in the form. You should enter your name, username, email id, select the chat room, write a topic, and type your feedback. The customer support team is very responsive. They get in touch within hours and address your issues as soon as possible.



Overall, Chat Avenue is a pleasant, convenient, and colorful platform where users can chat with like-minded people from different parts of the world. Among other gay, adult, lesbian, teens, kids, and transsexual dating sites and chat platforms Chat Avenue has a leading role due to its quality services. All users can enjoy free functions, but there is also an opportunity of buying a VIP membership and accessing additional features. Fortunately, prices are very modest and affordable for everyone. So, don’t hesitate to register and explore the Chat Avenue website.

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