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FabSwingers Review: Top-Rated Platforms for Safe Flings and NSA Meetups

FabSwingers Review: Top-Rated Platforms for Safe Flings and NSA Meetups
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 81%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 020 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • First of all, FabSwingers is an entirely free dating community.
  • The number of scam profiles is minimized because of meticulous profile photo verification.
  • The chatroom at FabSwingers allows us to provide video chats with subscribers.
  • The owner of one profile can be a couple.
  • At FabSwingers, it is possible to upload the whole photo album.
  • All the community events will open after clicking a special button at the top of the page.
  • A Meet Today feature allows us to find partners in the nearest few hours or days.
  • FabSwingers have a mobile application neither for Android nor for iOS.
  • The photo verification procedure may take some time; thus, the registration process is longer as compared to similar websites.
  • The design of the website is somewhat outdated. It does not have colorful elements of something like this.
  • The number of dates and events available for users is minimal.
  • It is impossible to launch live chats on Apple devices.

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A significant advantage of the majority of dating websites is the eloquence of their titles. FabSwingers is not an exception to the rule. This dating website can be viewed from transsexual dating sites’ perspective because it supports unconventional sexual relationships. It is easy to understand that FabSwingers is a community for adherents of swingers worldwide. This website unites people who would like to dive deep into new and unusual sexual adventures. The partner swapping is a distinctive feature of the website’s subscribers. There are those who would like to meet as couples or those who want to join a couple and try threesome relationships. In any case, the subscribers of FabSwingers are looking for relationships where more than two members participate.

The FabSwingers website’s quality can be characterized with the help of three “Fs,” which are present on the website’s first page. These three Fs means three main words, such as fun, free, and fabulous. These eloquent words demonstrate the character of content and relationships, which the community subscribers support and propagate. Among all the websites dedicated to swinger relationships, FabSwingers is the most numerous. Its simplicity attracts the attention of thousands of swingers from different corners of the world. The FabSwingers reviews underline that more than one hundred thousands of members register here every week. One of the main features that attract so many people is the fact that the website is entirely free of charge. All the available opportunities here do not require any payments. Here, the subscribers post their photos and attract couples or singles to try swing and find the most appropriate couple. Like any community, FabSwingers has its minuses and pluses. Let us look through them in the lists below.

How Usable Is the Website

How Usable Is the Website

Speaking about the disadvantages of the FabSwingers website, we underlined that the community’s design is somewhat antiquated. It is definitely so. It seems that the website was created at the beginning of the 2000s, and nothing has changed since that time. However, some FabSwingers reviews underline that such a website’s appearance does not distract members’ attention from important features. Moreover, beginners in using dating communities will not find it difficult to understand all the available peculiarities. It is quite understandable that non-tech-savvy users will perceive this feature as a significant advantage.

The design of FabSwingers highlights blue and white colors, which are pleasant enough for comprehension. The homepage displays all the necessary buttons that allow members to use the website entirely. The website’s upper line includes the following buttons: Home, My Account, Browse, Chat, Hotlist, Forum, Meets and Events, Clubs, Pictures, and log in. In the left column of the homepage, one will see the option of quick links. They allow them to follow those who are new to the website (men, women, and couples), see who are currently online, and are chatting now. Below, there is a list of countries from which it is possible to find matches to narrow the search options. It will increase the chances of finding partners near you.

An advanced search filter at FabSwingers allows us to provide an extensive search by using different parameters. There, it is necessary to choose whom you are looking for and choose whom that person is looking for. It is also possible to select the distance from the desired match, their attitude to alcohol and smoking, the person’s expected age, and location. Among various transsexual dating sites, FabSwingers is one of the most socially responsible. It cares about the health of their subscribers during the COVID-19 epidemic. Thus, they removed such options from the search filter as “looking to meet today,” as well as those who can travel or allow to live in their place for some amount of time. There is a filter at the left column of the search page, which takes into account new photos or videos, who are online right now, and others.

The Forum and Meets buttons at FabSwingers contain many themes, which are discussed by the community members. These themes relate to dating, political and social life, and many others. In such a way, FabSwingers is a vivid community where people can share their sexual preferences and others involving topics and thoughts.

The Structure of Members at FabSwingers

As we mentioned above, the targeted audience of the FabSwingers website are swingers who are looking for couples of single men and women who would like to swing partners in terms of sexual relations. Here, it is possible to register as a couple, so other users see in which relation you can be involved. The developers of the website claim that fake profiles are absent completely. All the members know what they are doing at FabSwingers. That is why they respond quickly to the messages and demonstrate a vivid activity in blogs and forum discussions. Many FabSwingers reviews claim that the majority of members are friendly and open for communication.

At FabSwingers, one will find active members at any time of the day. However, they can be residents of different parts of the world. Members of the community include residents from the main English-speaking countries that are bound by historically established relations. Thus, these countries include the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Ireland. When registering, the new members choose their residents’ state, and the search engine shows the results from their country if the members have not selected the other country. The bulk of members are residents of the United States. Their number reaches 300,000 active users. About fifty thousand people register here every day. As for gender distribution, the number of males outweighs the number of women. Of course, these statistics were mainly created by the single users of the FabSwingers website. However, male and female couples are present here as well.

When speaking about age distribution, it is possible to conclude that the most active members are within the range of 24 and 54 years old. As the statistics demonstrate, the highest activity is shown by males within the 45-54 age category.

Which Unique Features Does FabSwingers Have?

Which Unique Features Does FabSwingers Have?

In this FabSwingers review, we have already mentioned many of the website features in the section about website usability. It is necessary to admit that the FabSwingers community does not have some extraordinary features because the website is completely free. For starting the use of all features, it is enough to pass a simple registration. However, some features are provided to the users when they are active members of the website for more than three days. One of such features is the Meet Today feature. It allows you to browse potential sexual partners if you need them as soon as possible. However, this feature does not guarantee that the user will find the desired partner or couple because the number of active subscribers is not high. But in any case, this feature provides more chances in finding necessary matches.

Does FabSwingers Have Smartphone Application?

Most transsexual dating sites have mobile applications because people prefer to look for matches even when they are busy and cannot access their laptops. That is why the smartphone is a thing that allows us to use many important programs related to the job or interests of each person. Thus, let us look at whether FabSwingers have a mobile application or not.

The availability of a mobile application

Unfortunately, neither Android nor iOS managed to develop a mobile application for FabSwingers. Thus, while searching through Google Play Market or Apple App store, you will not find an app with such a title. However, the FabSwingers website is mobile-friendly and can be used with the help of smartphones with an active Internet connection.

How To Use a Mobile Version of the Website?

The access to the FabSwingers website on your smartphone will be possible after opening one of the browsers (Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.) on your mobile device and enter the website’s URL. Then, the member will see the same website as in the desktop version.

Differences between mobile and desktop versions

An attentive user of the FabSwingers website will underline that there are no differences between the mobile and desktop versions of the website. The mobile version will offer the same features as the desktop version does. In such a way, it does not matter where you are because, in any case, you will be able to actively use the website with the help of a mobile device.

How to Create an Account at FabSwingers?

How to Create an Account at FabSwingers?

One of the beneficial things at FabSwingers is photo verification. But before this, the potential member should enter some important information about themselves for account creation. There are several questions, which ask the person to provide personal information. Thus, it asks to provide an email address, the member’s gender (or it is necessary to underline that the account owner will be a couple), the username, and a password. It is not necessary to provide real names here. One can enter the desired username, which will be easy to remember for other subscribers. All the questions, in their turn, are straightforward and quite understandable without any pitfalls. The last step, after which it will be possible to use the website fully, is photo verification. For this, the potential FabSwingers member has to write the title of the website (FabSwingers.com) and their username. It is then necessary to take a selfie in which there will be a face of the subscriber and their hand holding a piece of paper. The website’s administration provides photo verification manually. That is why it may be time-consuming and take several hours. Many FabSwingers reviews claim that it is better to wait a certain time, but be sure that the rest of the profiles are not fake. In such a way, the security of the website becomes much stronger. In general, the sign-in process is user-friendly and does not require any awkward steps. After successful completion of the registration, each member can upload the rest of the photos they wish.

Is It Necessary to Pay Something Here?

A main distinctive feature of the FabSwingers website is that it is completely free. There are no so many services among the transsexual dating sites, which can offer the same. However, if a person has such an opportunity, they may donate something for website development. This procedure is possible on the homepage of every account. Let us look through all the services that are opened for free members below.

What the FabSwingers Members Can Do for Free?

An answer to the above question will be “everything” because the website is completely free of charge. The list of all free services is below:

  • The registration process here is free.
  • It is possible to send and receive messages for free.
  • Communication in groups is free.
  • One can participate in live chats; it is possible to watch and to show everything.
  • After registration, the community members can upload the whole photo albums.
  • At FabSwingers, members can send and receive photos in private chats.
  • In forum discussions, members may post their thoughts without limits (except an abusive language and something like this).
  • When you like someone, you may send a wink and inform them about your sympathy.
  • At any time, the community members can update their profile and send or remove any information.
  • An advanced search filter is open for every subscriber (all filters are available).

As can be seen, all the essential features that enable free and extensive communication are free of charge. That is why subscribers may not worry about any restrictions. If there are some additional services, we will see in the following section.

What One Can Additionally Purchase at FabSwingers?

What One Can Additionally Purchase at FabSwingers?

As it was mentioned above, the FabSwingers website is totally free. It functions because it allows advertising, including the contextual one. When the member does not want to see all those ads, they can pay eight dollars for almost two months. Such members obtain a site supporter status. This status allows the following:

  • The members can save messages from their interlocutors.
  • It is possible to upload more photos (for other members, there is a restriction of twelve photos per album).
  • The banner advertising does not bother site supporters.

In such a way, the additional features are minimal. However, they can make being on the website more convenient.

Is FabSwingers a Safe Service?

Even though the FabSwingers website seems to be an outdated service, it provides thorough encryption of all the personal information and messages. In such a way, information leakage is minimal.

The discussions about bots and scammers lead to the conclusion that the website has taken care of them as well. They implemented a scrupulous photo verification. It makes it impossible to register as an unreal person. Bots will not be able to undergo all the required steps and provide photos. All the members should not worry that their photos or information becomes open to third-person or third-party organizations. When a member wants to block some profile, it is possible to click the “Report Profile” button. You will find this button at the bottom of the profile on its left side.

How Does FabSwingers Validate Their Members

As we have mentioned above, all the members should undergo the photo validation procedure. The verification procedure is provided manually by the website administration. That is why the chance that someone can break the system of the website is minimal. A robot will not be able to provide a selfie with a piece of paper in their hands where it will be present the FabSwingers’ name and nickname of the potential subscriber. Thus, only real persons can successfully undergo the registration procedure. The fact that the photo verification takes several hours worth it because it ensures that all the matches may lead to a successful and pleasant outcome.

The Role of Customer Support Department at FabSwingers

The Role of Customer Support Department at FabSwingers

At FabSwingers, the Customer support department helps to resolve any problem issues. When someone notices a scammed activity, they may inform the support about it. Under the profile photo of each member, there is a “Report Profile” button. There, it is possible to express any concerns regarding the inappropriate activity of those members.

Also, there is a special icon where one can write a direct message to the support department. For this, it is necessary to write your valid email address and choose a variant of the claim (to report an abusive profile or ask about other issues related to the website functionality). Before sending a message, it will be necessary to enter a code. This procedure is an additional means to minimize bots activity.

Is FabSwingers Worth Being Its Member?

Speaking about the value of the FabSwingers dating website, it is possible to conclude that it is worth being its subscriber. The discussion of this website’s advantages and disadvantages has demonstrated the following conclusion: the number of advantages outweighs the number of disadvantages. The main plus of this community is the free membership here. It is completely free of charge. New members should only register on the website and try all the features of FabSwingers. Despite free membership here, the number of subscribers is not so large as compared to other dating services because the auditorium of FabSwingers is somewhat specific. Let’s see who registers here the most frequently.

The targeted audience of FabSwingers community

As can be seen from the website’s title, it will be the most suitable for those who are interested in swinger relationships. Partner swapping is characteristic for those who would like to bring something new into their sexual relationships. Thus, some couples invite someone third who would harmoniously fit them. The other couples would like to change partners with other couples whom they meet on this website. FabSwingers is suitable for many people. Due to the extensive search filter, one can meet the most desired partner or partners here.

Is FabSwingers Worth Being Its Member?

This community will suit those who care significantly about the security and safety of their profile information. It is because this website provides a meticulous photo verification of every new member. Such a feature is not typical for many transsexual dating sites because not all of them want to try their time to provide manual profile validation. But this fact brings pleasure and satisfaction to a serious approach, which is undertaken by the website’s administration. This website is pleasant to use for members with different experiences of such website usage. That is why, if you would like to submerge into some new feeling and experience in sexual relationships, you are welcome to join the FabSwingers website. Here, one will find lots of new and exciting things.

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