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FetLife Review: Top-Rated Platforms for Safe Flings and NSA Meetups

FetLife Review: Top-Rated Platforms for Safe Flings and NSA Meetups
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Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 28-50
Profiles 900 000
Reply Rate 64%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The majority of the features are free on FetLife.
  • Each member can find new kinks for them here.
  • The website offers the fetish and limits lists, which impose boundaries for what is preferred and what is not.
  • FetLife is a young community, where people of 24-35 years are the most active.
  • The registration is not time-consuming at FetLife.
  • The support department at this website is quite active and may assist with different issues; it is active 24/7.
  • The website’s interface supports several languages, which is convenient for users from non-English speaking countries.
  • There is not a mobile application, which can be downloaded from Google Play Market or Apple App Store.
  • The interface of the FetLife website may seem to be outdated or outmoded.
  • There are many profiles without faces that increase the possibility of scammers’ activity.
  • It is impossible to tie your social media account when registering at FetLife.
  • Its matching algorithm is a little bit weak.

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Speaking about the FetLife dating service, we should remember that the number of dating websites nowadays is growing extremely fast because people are becoming more and more open with their sexual fantasies and desires. Their number includes transsexual dating sites, communities who are obsessed with some physical features or racial identities, and many others. FetLife is one of such narrowly directed communities, which unite people who love unusual sexual relationships involving BDSM, kink, or fetishism.

Some people think that the last two species are the same, but there are certain differences between them. Kinks are adherents of the use of some objects that may strengthen their pleasure. But the presence of these objects is not obligatory for obtaining orgasm or the highest pleasure.

Fetishists are obsessed with some objects and cannot imagine their sexual relationships without them. The difference is hidden in the psychological level of perception. But in any case, people of all these categories spend their time on the FetLife website.

FetLife has been functioning in the dating services market for more than twelve years. The number of its members is continually growing and has already reached nine million subscribers from different corners of the world. This community slightly differs from other dating services because it looks like a social media platform. There, it is possible to join different communities and communicate with other members participating in various discussions.

Along with the development of social platforms, people discover better their fantasies and preferences in sexual relations. People become more outgoing and unselfconscious. That is why they join such communities as the FetLife website, where they can find like-minded people with the same preferences. Let us start the FetLife review by analyzing the positives and negatives of this dating website.

Impact of Website’s Design on Its Usability

Impact of Website’s Design on Its Usability

Like many other transsexual dating sites, FetLife is a user-friendly website, which is easily recognizable among other communities. The design of this website is easy and straightforward. Some users may complain that the compilation of black and grey colors here is somewhat dull.

For others, this provides the website’s users with mysterious feelings where they may experience something new and unusual. But nobody will argue that the presence of red color makes the website more sexually attractive.

For the beginners, the FetLife website offers the Frequently Asked Questions section, where each member can find answers to the majority of questions about the website’s usability. Thus, for example, they explain which files can be downloaded to the website. This information prevents its users from unnecessary actions and saves valuable time. In general, the website is easy to navigate, even for beginners.

Who Attend FetLife the Most Frequently?

Who Attend FetLife the Most Frequently?

Almost all of the FetLife reviews underline that this dating community unites people who are fond of BDSM and fetish features in their sexual relationships. Here, the adherents of these activities can know something new for them and share their personal experience as well.

The website has subscribers from all over the world, but the majority of them (more than four million people) are residents of the United States. The available number of subscribers exceeds nine million nowadays. Each month, about one hundred members join the FetLife community.

Speaking about gender distribution, it is easy to notice that the number of males is more than two times higher. Almost all the website’s audience is young people in the 25-35 years old age category. This age is considered to be the most active one when a person is open to experiments and new feelings. That is why they join the FetLife website and are looking for like-minded people here. The extensive user base allows you to find anybody you wish on the website.

The FetLife website is free of such concepts as prejudices and discrimination. All of the residents have dreams that may seem strange to ordinary people. But here, all the members can find support and the surrounding with the same preferences and desires. That is why this community is continually rising.

Distinctive Features of the Website

Distinctive Features of the Website

One of the main distinctive features of the FetLife is the content, which is present in the blogs and pages of profiles. For this, it is necessary to remember that the targeted audience of this community is adherents of BDSM, kinks, and fetishists. Thus, the most specific feature of the FetLife website is the Fetishes option. Here, each member can gather different information about the fetishes which they prefer. There are more than sixty options of different fetishes.

That is why it will not be a problem to find those fetishes which are the most interesting for each member. When choosing some particular fetishes, the website will show the list of people and groups who have the same sexual interests and are looking for like-minded people. Also, one can examine fetishes, which are relative to their own. In such a way, they obtain a chance to try something new and unusual.

Taking all the mentioned above into account, it is easy to understand that there are various discussion groups on the FetLife website. There, people are gathered according to their sexual preferences and places of members’ residence. It enables the live meetings of the subscribers. Also, the FetLife website offers an opportunity to follow the profiles in which you are interested.

The other feature of FetLife is a variety of pornographic content, which is the usual thing for transsexual dating sites. The members of the community post their photos and pictures, which determine their sexual preferences and interests. That is why the website’s administration tries to control the fact that people younger than eighteen years old do not register here.

In general, FetLife is a welcoming community, which is open to different categories of people. Moreover, membership is almost free here. That is why people demonstrate their activity when registering at this dating website. In such a way, about one hundred thousand members register at FetLife every month.

How Can Mobile Phone Owners Use the Website

How Can Mobile Phone Owners Use the Website

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine each person without a smartphone. In these little devices, people spend a significant amount of their spare time. Everything available online can be found in smartphones as a mobile application. That is why let us look at this FetLife review, whether the community has a mobile application.

Is it possible to download a FetLife application?

Unfortunately, the FetLife website does not have a mobile application that may be downloaded either from the Google Play Market or Apple App Store. However, the FetLife website is mobile-friendly. But Android users have some advantages over the users of iPhones. Thus, the owners of Android phones can download the application in the .apk format. Such type of application may be downloaded from the official community’s website fetlife.vip.

The main principles of work

Many FetLife reviews underline that approximately two-thirds of the users prefer using this service as an application with the help of smartphones. The iPhone owners may use the website through different browsers available on their smartphones.

The APK version of the application requires the same steps for the use of the service. It is necessary to register or sign in if the user has passed the registration via the desktop version. It requires to enter the username and password. After these steps, the members can use all the features available to everybody.

Which features are open for app users?

The main feature available for FetLife app users is the possibility to send and receive messages. However, the number of messages is limited. If the member sent too many messages, especially when communicating with new profiles, he or she might be suspended or transmitted in the time-out regime.

However, the members need not worry, because the time-out regime lasts only several hours. Also, it is possible to accustom the application that it will receive notifications about all the notable events happening in the community. Such a feature helps to keep track of all things, which determine the sexual preferences of each member.

In general, all the features are the same for desktop users and FetLife application users. That is why it is not necessary to check and compare which elements are present and which are not. When looking through different FetLife reviews made by other users, it will be possible to notice that the majority of members are satisfied with all the opportunities offered by the FetLife application.

How Complex Is the Registration Process at FetLife

How Complex Is the Registration Process at FetLife

The signing up or registration process is easy and straightforward at the FetLife website. The main feature, which is more than attractive, is a free registration. Moreover, it is not time-consuming. For the registration, it is crucial to enter the user’s email address and some other important information. Thus, each potential user will see a window with lines which the members should fill out.

This window asks people to tell some short information about themselves. It is necessary to develop a nickname, according to which the other users will be able to find you. The other substantial information is your gender and sexual orientation. The variety of possible choices will allow them to find that one which suits the members the most. Also, it is important to indicate the role in which the members see themselves in their relations.

The FetLife community should be closed for individuals younger than 18 years old. That is why it is of crucial importance to enter the date of birth. Also, one should enter the country of their residence because, among the members of the website, there are representatives of different countries, including the United States, Canada, Latin America, European countries, and Eastern countries. After all these, the site will ask to create a password. This password will be needed when entering the site. And the final step of the registration will be to enter the mobile phone number. At this number, the FetLife website will send a link for the account verification.

Also, with the help of this number, it will be possible to restore access to the community. This necessity may arise when the website member forgets his or her password. When creating the profile, each member can mention their social media platforms where they can be found in case of someone’s interest.

How Much Should Members Pay

How Much Should Members Pay

If to compare the FetLife website to other similar services, FetLife will be one of the cheapest. This advanced feature of this community, which attracts the attention of subscribers from all over the world. On this website, the users must not pay for the premium membership. All the payments are voluntary if the member wants to donate something to the website. But of course, when the member provides payment, they obtain more extensive features as a bonus. The expiration date of the donations is lasting.

Thus, the minimum payment is for six months of membership. It will cost thirty dollars, thus, five dollars per month. A one-year subscription will cost $60, thus again five dollars per month. A two years subscription will cost $120. But when a member spays $240, this payment provides a lifetime subscription for the FetLife services. There are lots of payment methods here: credit cards, mobile phone payments, electronic money payments, and many others. When members donate, their profile is signed with a special badge. This badge shows that the owner of the profile facilitates the development of the community.

Features of the FetLife Available for Free

As it was underlined above, the membership is almost free on the FetLife website. Thus, let us look through all the features available for free:

  • Members can send and receive messages.
  • It is possible to look through the photos and videos from other profiles.
  • Free members can join different groups of like-minded people who prefer various types of BDSM and fetish.
  • They can post their blog posts and read those published by other members.
  • Free members have access to advanced search options, including all the necessary features of the filter.
  • It is possible to add profiles to the favorite list and follow them like on social media platforms.

Thus, all the necessary features for finding matches are available for free members. In such a way, the website cares about its subscribers. They would like to provide their qualitative services for residents of different corners of the world.

Bonuses for Those Who Donate the Website

Taking into account that membership on the FetLife website is free, the donations provide only access to the additional features. Below is the list of benefits for those who paid donations:

  • Fee-based members of the FetLife website get an attractive badge at their profile titled “I Support FetLife.”
  • These members obtain access to the most popular photos and videos of the day.
  • Those who donate FetLife appear among the first in search results.
  • Also, they get access to the videos that refer to the adult videos category.
  • Fee-based members receive notifications about all the events organized b fetish lovers.

When members of the FetLife donate, they obtain access to all the available features on the website. They can communicate and share their secret fantasies with like-minded people.

Is FetLife a Secure Platform?

Is FetLife a Secure Platform?

At FetLife, website administration cares about the safety and security of its members. All the information which the community members share and upload is encrypted. Thus, information leakage is minimal. Also, the number of scam and fraudulent profiles is minimal here. When someone notices the activity of scammers, they can report such activity at the following email address: privacy@fetlife.com.

When the uploaded information is no longer relevant, there is an option to delete it. Also, the information can be edited. For this, one should go to the settings section and take necessary actions.

When you delete the information from your profile, it automatically disappears from the website servers. Additionally, it is possible to delete the account either forever or deactivate it temporarily.

Of course, the FetLife website cares about the absence of scammers at their platform. But nobody would argue that the best security is self-security. Each member should be careful when communicating with new people. As a rule, the scammers are detected very fast. That is why communicate deeper with those who are active on the website for a long time.

How Does the FetLife Check the Genuineness of Profiles?

How Does the FetLife Check the Genuineness of Profiles?

For the FetLife, it is essential to check the validity of profiles because their content is accessible only for adults. That is why, during the registration, they require to indicate the email address and mobile phone. Subsequently, they send a link that needs to be followed. In such a way, the new member will confirm the validity of their personality.

However, such a method may seem to be weak enough because it is possible to create a fake email address and soon delete it. That is why the additional requirement to provide a phone number makes the website safer and minimize the activity of scam profiles.

How to Consult the Support Department at FetLife In Case of Need?

Different FetLife reviews underline that there are several ways to contact the Support department. When someone has concerns regarding the privacy issues, it is possible to email them at privacy@fetlife.com. For other purposes, they advise to write at support@fetlife.com and describe there all the issues. The support department is active 24/7 because they serve residents from all over the world. That is why they should be ready to respond to any concerns, which their subscribers have. The time should not be an obstacle.

What to Say at the End?

What to Say at the End?

As can be seen, the FetLife community has many unique features, which differentiate the website from other dating communities. Let us summarize the potential auditorium of the website and their general activities there.

Who will be happy to use the FetLife website?

As it was mentioned above, the FetLife community unites people who are adherents of BDSM, kinky, and fetish activities in their sexual relationships. These people prefer using different objects during sex. Some of them are obsessed with different parts of the body. The other love to provide their special rituals, which significantly enhance orgasm and other sexual feelings.

FetLife occupies a decent place among the transsexual dating sites, which goes beyond the propagation of traditional heterosexual relations. They try to add new feelings and emotions to their sexual life. For this, they are ready to experience the use of sex toys and unique clothes, which make sex more passionate and exciting. That is why if you would like to share something new and add new colors to your sexual life, please register at the FetLife website and dive deep into new feelings.

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