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Spdate Review: Top-Rated Platforms for Safe Flings and NSA Meetups

Spdate Review: Top-Rated Platforms for Safe Flings and NSA Meetups
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Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 970 000
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Most of the Spdate features are free and do not require a premium subscription.
  • The verification of the age is done through credit cards, so the chance of teenage users' existence is low.
  • The registration on the website is easy and straightforward.
  • The registration does not require any email verification.
  • Communication methods are available for all the users regardless of the membership.
  • You may view other Spdate users' profiles for free.
  • The information on your account may be added or edited later.
  • Heterosexual users dominate on the website.
  • There are a lot of fake profiles created by the Spdate website.
  • The website is not a preferable place for looking for long-term relationships.
  • You may see several advertisements during the registration process.
  • If you log out, it will be impossible to log in to your account again since there is no login page.
  • Spdate does not offer any search feature to the users.
  • You may see tons of external links on the website's homepage.
  • There is not authenticity checkup for the existing profiles
  • The artificial profiles are usually more active than the real ones.
  • The profiles are not very informative.
  • This transsexual dating website does not offer any mobile application for iOS users.
  • Spdate does not have any video-chatting option.

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Spdate is a transsexual dating website operated by Digital International Inc, which is located in Cyprus. The website offers sexually adventurous men and women to join the website and enjoy its features. Spdate aims to connect singles from different parts of the globe on one platform for causal hookups and short-term relationships. No matter whether you are fond of offline sexual activities or online ways to express your sexual fantasies, the Spdate website has something to offer you. Despite several advantages, the website was reported to have thousands of fake profiles and scammers. Moreover, many users complain about the website’s functionality.

The majority of Spdate users are the representatives of the young generation. Once you register on the website, you will immediately get thousands of messages from the other users. The Spdate website’s administrative team creates fake profiles on purpose to boost the activity on the website if they see a lack of it. They claim that the strategy is used to keep the website active if the number of members dramatically decreases. However, you may know the fake profiles since they have an icon named “UP” (unreal personality) next to their profile pictures. The function of these profiles is to message you if there are no other users to do that. If you see the red color next to UP profiles, it means that the profile is currently busy talking to other users. If you see the green color, the chances are high that you may interact with them.

The Interface and Functionality of the Website

The Interface and Functionality of the Website

Once you log in, you may consider the interface of Spdate a lit bit annoying. There are tons of advertisements and external links displayed on the homepage. Those advertisements are quite censor-sensitive, which means you may open another one by accident when you try to close another. They may also appear when you try to message someone, so you end up opening one of the external links instead of typing a text. This may be annoying for many users and result in a decrease in the users’ number. However, the website has a modern and user-friendly interface.

According to many Spdate reviews, the navigation on the website is impressively straightforward despite all the annoying advertisements and external links. On the left on the website, you may find all the necessary buttons that are neatly organized. Those buttons are “Discovery,” “Home,” “Messages,” “Contacts,” “Profile,” “Activity,” “Top users,” and “Settings.” Beneath those buttons, you will find the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of this transsexual website.

The profiles of the users are displayed on the Spdate website’s homepage. Since the website does not offer any search engines, the only way to look for partners is to go through the displayed profiles and choose the ones that interest you. On the top of the buttons mentioned above, you may the “Fuck Request” button. This feature allows you to let other users know that you are interested in them for a night-stand. This feature allows you to express your sexual intentions to other members directly. The Spdate website is created for looking for partners for low-commitment relationships or a couple of nights. So, according to some Spdate reviews, this feature is quite welcomed by the users.

Although Spdate does not offer many fancy features to attract more users, the website has all the necessary functions to help you match up with another user. The ease of navigation allows even older users to enjoy the website’s features without any serious issues. Although young users dominate on the website, more senior people with necessary computer skills may find it easy to use it. The user-friendly interface may make your dating experience with Spdate more enjoyable.

Member Structure and Profiles Quality

Before finally deciding to join Spdate or not, it is recommended to look through the website’s demographic makeup to understand whether there are users from your area or not. According to some Spdate reviews, the most active users are from the United States (51.76%), the United Kingdom (8.15%), Canada (7.12%), Australia (2.21%), India (2.04%), and the remaining percentage compose the users from 248 different countries. These numbers are reviewed every day, but the difference is not too high. Male users outnumber females making up 73% of the whole population. The website is open for everyone regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, and sexual preferences. Moreover, the website is used mostly by the heterosexual community.

The profiles are not very detailed, so it is most difficult to get an impression about the user just viewing them. Incomplete profiles are mostly fake profiles, while real members prefer to complete their accounts with as much information as possible. As stated earlier in this Spdate review, most fake profiles are created by the website’s system to keep the members active. The absence of search engines may stand another reason for giving up using the website. Except for this, the tremendous amount of advertisements may even mimic some of the Spdate website’s functions. For instance, you may see a pop up saying that you have a new friend request, but actually, if you click on it, you will appear on another page.

Because of the above-stated reasons, it is not easy to make a final conclusion about the Spdate website’s users. However, the website is created for short-term relationships, and most of the users are looking for a night-stand with another user. This means that the lack of information on the users’ profiles may not be a disruptive disadvantage that may discourage users from using the website. Overall, Spdate has all the essential features necessary for any transsexual website.

Member Structure and Profiles Quality

Spdate offers a chat feature as the primary communication method on the website when it comes to interaction. You can use this feature regardless of your membership type. However, you need to make sure that you are talking to a real person, since there are UP profiles. You may upload photos to your chatbox as well. You should also know that the website is full of advertisements that will bait you to click. Another useful feature to make contact with your potential hookup partner is the “Sex Request” feature.

Unique Features Offered by the Website

Spdate does not offer a list of unique and fancy features, instead of providing all the necessary tools for finding a partner for one-time fun. The website aims to give an erotic experience, and it does it impressively well with the available features.

Sex Request

Unlike many other transsexual websites, Spdate offers a feature to let the other user know that you are interested in having a sexual relationship with him/her without wasting time on time-consuming chatting. Of course, the website also offers a chat feature to help you the person better before suggesting going beyond usual chatting. More probably, you would like to know the sexual preferences of the user, but Sex Request may do it quickly and without any effort.


Unlike many other dating websites, Spdate does not offer any searching engines. However, you have the Discovery feature, which allows you to save hot photos of other members that you like and skip the ones that do not interest you. Your recently-liked will be saved in this list and help you go back to them at your convenience.


The most active members’ profiles are listed in the Top-users category. This feature is located on the left of your profile. You can view the profiles of the users available there or initiate a conversation with them.

Does the Website Offer a Mobile Application?

Recently, Spdate has started offering a mobile application for both Android users mobile application has all the necessary features that its desktop counterpart has. The only disadvantage of the mobile application is its small size. Despite this, the mobile application is the best choice for people who do not want to waste a lot of time sitting in front of computer desktops. You may always stay logged in, since if you log out, you may not be able to return to your account. It also helps to save time and keep in touch with your online friends anywhere and anytime. However, if you want to register with the mobile application, you need to permit to access your location and media.

If you do not want to download the mobile application on your phone, you may use the website’s mobile version. The size of the interface you may adjust according to your preferences. The main drawback is that you need to scroll up and down all the time to look at the profiles.

Singing-Up Process and the Required Steps

Singing-Up Process and the Required Steps

The registration on Spdate is easy and quick; you can finish it within some seconds. It does not require answering any personality tests or long-listed essay like questions. You are asked about your name, email address, age, and gender. The registration does not require any email-verification. Once you fill in this piece of information, the registration is done, and you may start enjoying the website’s features. You have only two gender options: female or male. Once you create your profile, an advertisement will appear on your homepage, stating that it is high time to enjoy the website’s features. However, if you click on it, the link will lead to an entirely different website. As stated earlier, during the registration, you will encounter many advertisements, but the ease of the registration makes them forgivable.

One of the essential disadvantages of the Spdate website is that it does not have any login page. This means that if you accidentally log out, you have to register on the website again. This creates a lot of pain for Spdate users.

Free and Premium Membership

Like other transsexual dating websites, Spdate offers two memberships: standard and premium. Most of the website’s features are available for free users as well. Although the site claims to be entirely free with a lifetime membership, actually to have access to all the features, you are encouraged to upgrade your account. You will be able to purchase the premium membership by clicking on the button located next to the age verification box. Age verification on the website costs 0.99$, which will be refunded during a week. The Spdate website also offers to buy a premium membership paying 29.99USD per month through the Spdate system. If you purchase it Spdate, you will get a three-day trial. You may pay for the premium membership through your credit card.

Duration Costs Total
1 Month 39.99 USD / Month 39.99 USD

Features of the Standard Membership

Spdate offers most of its features free of charge. The most useful features are free, and you may enjoy your dating experience with this transsexual website. Here are the functions that the website offers for free:

  • Registering on the website;
  • Creating a profile;
  • Browsing photo albums;
  • View other members’ profiles;
  • Sending messages;
  • Sending a sex request.

Features of the Premium Membership

Fee-based services of the Spdate website offer the following features:

  • Having access to the most active users list;
  • Viewing other pictures without any limits.

Is the Website a Safe Platform?

Is the Website a Safe Platform?

The safety of personal information is one of the concerns of such similar transsexual dating websites. Understandingly, there are many about Spdate safety since it does not have any verification process except for age verification. Moreover, there are tons of fake profiles, and the website has gotten many complaints from the users that their information has been stolen. However, you may be sure that Spdate does everything to ensure your security on the website. You may provide your ID for verification; it will be asked in cases when the law requires it. However, many Spdate reviews after in-depth investigation state that the website is entirely safe to use. Your security is ensured by the website administration. Moreover, Spdate uses the latest encryption technologies. All the data is sent through the SSL connection, which means that your information cannot be stolen unless you give it to another member. The website also claims that it does not use your personal for any purpose without your acknowledgment.

Before making a final decision to join the website or not, you are encouraged to read the Spdate website’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They are located on the left of your homepage. Since it is 18+ website, you need to know who you trust your information. However, as stated earlier in this Spdate review, the website claims to have one of the best security systems in the online dating world. Unlike many other dating websites, Spdate does not send any spam messages to your email address. So, you do not need to spend a lot of time deleting them from your email. Finally, the website uses your device to take all the necessary information about you as s future user. It may tell your exact location through your device’s IP address.

Does the Website Provide Any Verification Process?

Spdate does not do any profile checkups after creating a profile. Moreover, it automatically makes fake profiles to boost the activity among the users. The website features are free to use most, and this may be a good chance for scammers to take advantage of the website for their benefits. The only way to stop it from happening, you are encouraged to report the users with strange behavior. The website gives you a blocking feature, which you can use in such cases. After blocking a person, he/she will not be able to view your profile or send you messages. Once the system gets a complaint about a particular user’s behavior, the administrative team will consider and terminate the account if there is required to ensure the other users’ safety.

Spdate also does age verification through credit cards, which means the chances of meeting teenagers on the website are low. Along with the safety measurements, the website does not allow posting 18+ photos. Although it is a transsexual dating website, Spdate takes care of the customer’s safety. The profiles mostly contain few details about the users, but the website aims to help you find a casual hookup, not life-long partners. Therefore, there is no need to require users to provide many details about personal lives.

How to Contact Spdate Customer Support Team?

How to Contact Spdate Customer Support Team?

Spdate customer support team is available 24/7. The devoted and supportive team does its best to ensure your safe and enjoyable dating with Spdate. Customer Support Service goes through each report and takes all the necessary measurements to terminate fake profiles. You may contact the customer support service also when you have a technical issue connected with certain features of the website. Although many people opt to purchase a premium subscription, the website is mostly free. In case if you encounter a problem while trying to buy a premium membership, you may apply to customer support service as well. You may be sure that each concern will be solved as soon as possible. Here is the contact information that you may use to contact the Spdate website’s administration.

Contact Information:

Company: Digital International Inc.

Address: 1st Floor, Hadjikyriakeion Bld 1 121 Prodromou Avenue Strovol Nicosia 2064 Cyprus

E-Mail: support@digitalint.co


Spdate is one of the leading dating websites, aiming to help you find a hookup partner for short-term and low-commitment relationships. Although the website does not offer any fancy and attractive features, you have all the necessary tools to interact with like-minded people interested in a couple of nights. The website has both standard and premium membership, but you may get along quite well without purchasing the premium one. Most of the useful features are available for free. Your safety is also taken into account by the website’s administration. Although there are not many verification processes, Spdate ensures that your personal information is safe as long as you are using it. Moreover, you may apply to the Customer Support Team in case you have some technical issues. Taking into account all the above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages, you are encouraged to use Spdate as one of the best transsexual dating websites.

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